Friday, February 22, 2013

You Know You Have A Large Family When...

There's an appointment on the calendar for the kiddos bi-yearly teeth cleaning and you're not sure which child the initial represents!

Yes, this has actually happened to me!  I remember following a large family blog a few years, and a few less children, ago and she mentioned this very thing happening to her.  I thought, "Really?  Does that really happen?"  Of course I can totally understand when most of your children have the same first initial, but if only a couple do, then how could you forget?  Tee Hee!  I guess I learned my lesson!
So, our philosophy on teeth is: Take care of them and they will take care of you!
I know the AAP suggests having your children see a dentist sometime around age 1, but we simply wait until they can sit in a chair long enough to have them cleaned...sometime around their 3rd birthday.
We do introduce teeth brushing and flossing much earlier than that, so we are maintaining those pearly whites from the beginning.  Only one of my children has seen the dentist before age 3, and that was due to an extra tooth that grew in right in the front and we needed to have it checked!
We organize our appointments by scheduling 3 kiddos at a time so that we are able to take less trips out!
One of the things I really love about our dentist office is how friendly everyone is!  I would say this is huge on my priority list when choosing a dentist!  We are there often enough to want to feel comfortable, and I love how our office really gets to know our family! 
I happen to know that this friendly lady was praying for our Zion while we were staying at Children's Hospital!  {And she's always an encouragement to me in my job as a mama!}
In my book - You Can't Beat That!!!
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  1. I used to work at an optometry office before I had kids, and we loved it when large families would come in. It meant we would always end up ahead of schedule. :) I remember in particular one family with about 8 children who were all SO well-behaved that you couldn't even tell there were kids in the waiting room. I hope my kids are that well-behaved some day. :)