Thursday, January 31, 2013

For My Strawberry Girl!

One of the most difficult parts of nursing for me is the constant "grafting" to the couch!
I will seriously sit and look around and redecorate this or reorganize that!  I also work on my Bible study, read books to Littles, and teach some home school.
I used to just read whatever was next on the book club list, but I tend to fall asleep when I do that!
So, this time around I decided to do something with my hands while I'm busy nourishing my sweet babe!
Inspired by a Facebook post from one of my favorite blog writers {Jacinda @ Growing Home}, multiple YouTube views for instructions, and this pattern from Knotty Knotty Crochet, this little creation emerged! {After multiple restarts!}

Admittedly, it's a bit big, but for a first try, I'm not complaining!!! {OK - except for the fact that the clerk at the store asked if it was a tomato hat!}
And, seriously, if you've been wanting to make one of those cute Owl should try it! 

 If I can do it, you can do it!!!

Next up, a Monster Hat for Hudson!
What new talent are you learning?
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These boots were made for walkin'...

{This post was written a week ago, but I have had some trouble with Blogger lately...hopefully I'm back online!}'s another confession for you...

This week I was late for Bible Study!

No, not because I had 6 kiddos to get ready and out the door.  Not because I had a difficult nights sleep and was dragging. Not even because I was quickly trying to finish my study for the week.

No, it was because of these:


You see, for years now I have been pining after a pair of Equestrian Style Boots. I absolutely LOVE the pretty socks over the top of boots paired with a just-at-the-knee denim skirt! But, a couple of things always stop me in my tracks...

Larger than average calves

The Budget

This one's personal...a general feeling of undeserving (I know it's a "lie", but God's working with me on it!)

So, Wednesday morning as I was checking email, an advertisement for a discount site popped up, and these Keen boots had a HUGE markdown!  Well, my impulse was to jump off the cliff and buy them.  Only, they aren't exactly what I am looking for.  They're a little more rugged than I was imagining, but they are close...and for the price, close seemed like it was worth the compromise.

So, I took a picture and sent it off to my husband for approval...

He hesitated!  His hesitation made me slow a bit on my path to purchase these {almost} beauties.  But, he gave me the "go ahead" if I really wanted them.

Then I really started considering The Budget - you know, the one I'm committed to sticking to this year.  The one that pushes some of my comfort zone areas, but is really good for my "make it work" growth.

Suddenly, my cliff diving self was teetering on the edge and trying to figure out whether to let go or step back!

In the end, the clock let me know that I had to push the hold button and wait.  And the message I heard at Bible study was all about patience, and I felt the answer had been given to me.

These are my ideal boots ~ pretty yet practical! 

So, I will wait...and one day, maybe, I will actually purchase my ideal boots.  Until that day, I will choose contentment!

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Flu Season...putting on your armor!

A little over a year ago, I posted our family's secret to preventing illness.  You can find that post by clicking here!
Ken came home today and informed me that The Flu has hit our region...and it's hit hard!  {He also mentioned that the Flu Vaccine did not contain the strain that is going around - surprise!} 
My first response was to pull out the Elderberries and get my Flu Season stock going.  If you click on the link above, the recipe is listed there.
I want to encourage you to prepare!
*Take Vitamins C & D
*Wash Hands
*Limit Sugar Intake
*Get Fresh Air/Exercise
*Drink Lots of Water
*Consider Taking a Daily Dose of Elderberry

And if you do happen to come down with something, {click here for my post with Dr. Zinment's Chicken Soup Recipe} that is sure to knock any sickness on it's rear!
And here is my piece regarding newborns...
Not so many years ago, I was not respectful of the toll sickness can take on an infant.  Honestly, the selfish or prideful person in me just didn't want to slow down or stay home.  Now, after having experienced illness with my infant and a subsequent hospital stay, I can't say enough to new moms to limit the exposure that their babies receive.
What I did not know, and am finding many moms don't know is, if your newborn receives a fever {100.5 or higher} before they are 2 months old, they must receive a mandatory spinal tap in the ER to check for infection!  Trust me...this is something you want to avoid!
And, if you have a sick child  {or are sick yourself}...stay's where they want to be anyway, and you shouldn't be exposing others to the germs.
OK - enough said!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pass It On...

So here's a true confession for you...
Wanna' know what can drive this Mama crazy in short order? 
Multiple children asking the same question...over and over and over...
For instance...
Mama gives one child permission to have a runs another child, "Can I have one?"
Three seconds later, in runs another child, "Can I have one?"
Two seconds later..."Can I have one?"
One minute later, "So and so has a treat...can I have one?"
Seriously, by the 5th child, my answer isn't as sweet as the treat I'm giving out!
The other side of this scenario, is correcting children and then thinking that I've already told one when it was another child that I spoke with earlier.  By the 3rd or 4th time, my tone is truly not pleasant!
One night, my hubby was experiencing this very frustration when he mentioned it out loud to our 17 year old son Connor.  Ken said, "I wish I had a solution for that!"  To which Connor replied, "Just say, 'Pass it On!' "
Problem solved!
Just a little tip from the trenches...
Pass it on!

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