Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These boots were made for walkin'...

{This post was written a week ago, but I have had some trouble with Blogger lately...hopefully I'm back online!}'s another confession for you...

This week I was late for Bible Study!

No, not because I had 6 kiddos to get ready and out the door.  Not because I had a difficult nights sleep and was dragging. Not even because I was quickly trying to finish my study for the week.

No, it was because of these:


You see, for years now I have been pining after a pair of Equestrian Style Boots. I absolutely LOVE the pretty socks over the top of boots paired with a just-at-the-knee denim skirt! But, a couple of things always stop me in my tracks...

Larger than average calves

The Budget

This one's personal...a general feeling of undeserving (I know it's a "lie", but God's working with me on it!)

So, Wednesday morning as I was checking email, an advertisement for a discount site popped up, and these Keen boots had a HUGE markdown!  Well, my impulse was to jump off the cliff and buy them.  Only, they aren't exactly what I am looking for.  They're a little more rugged than I was imagining, but they are close...and for the price, close seemed like it was worth the compromise.

So, I took a picture and sent it off to my husband for approval...

He hesitated!  His hesitation made me slow a bit on my path to purchase these {almost} beauties.  But, he gave me the "go ahead" if I really wanted them.

Then I really started considering The Budget - you know, the one I'm committed to sticking to this year.  The one that pushes some of my comfort zone areas, but is really good for my "make it work" growth.

Suddenly, my cliff diving self was teetering on the edge and trying to figure out whether to let go or step back!

In the end, the clock let me know that I had to push the hold button and wait.  And the message I heard at Bible study was all about patience, and I felt the answer had been given to me.

These are my ideal boots ~ pretty yet practical! 

So, I will wait...and one day, maybe, I will actually purchase my ideal boots.  Until that day, I will choose contentment!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Gaah! Glad you're waiting! The boots you want are so so so much prettier!

  2. Perhaps you can re work your budget to include a spending money option? Trev and I have a (small amount) we each get each month, to do with what we please. Trev saves his up for hunting gear and what not, and I usually save mine until I see something I want bad enough to spend. That way we don't have to worry about taking money from something else, and we have our own money we can use on whatever we please (I usually use mine on coffee, or thrift store finds). It might make it easier for you to get your perfect boots one day, if you have some money already put away and you come across the perfect pair, then you can splurge without feeling guilty? Good luck! Sears/JC Penney will be having really good sales soon once spring starts (I can find equestrian style boots there for less than $30 some days!)

    1. Kirsten - you are exactly right!!! As I keep telling the kiddos, "it isn't about being able to afford them, it's about having them in the budget and sticking to the budget!" Hope you are doing well!!! Not much longer for that little one to be here!