Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update on Zion...

So, if you've been following at The Cottage for long, you know that Zion was born with issues with his kidneys.

Briefly, during a routine prenatal ultrasound, we found out that his kidneys were both dilated.  An ultrasound and procedure after birth showed that he did not have any blockages from the bladder down.  We were told to follow up in 3 months...
At the 3 month follow up ultrasound, we were fully expecting for his kidneys to be normal.

Unfortunately, that was not the case...
The ultrasound showed that his right kidney had stayed the same, but his left kidney was showing significant enlargement.  We would need to go in for another procedure...
The Renal Scan was a procedure where they injected radioactive dye into his system, and then took photos of his kidneys and bladder in action.  The whole procedure took an hour once we had him swaddled down and ready to go.

In order to keep Zion comfortable, we gave him "Sweet Ease" on his pacifier.
 {It's really just sugar water, but babies respond to it as a pain reliever!}
{Ahhh...that's better!}

The final result of the scan was that Zion's left kidney is functioning, but not unless it has a "push".  {Meaning it releases once it is VERY FULL or he is given Lasix - as was the case with the scan.}
The Dr.'s agree that, short of God healing Zion, he will need surgery to open his ureter from the left kidney to the bladder.  Basically, there is a partial blockage or narrowing causing the slower function of that kidney. {They actually did not mention what they thought about the right kidney.}
For now we are to follow up in June...
Thank you to all who are praying! 



  1. What a cutie! , praying for a miraculous healing!

  2. Zion is a child of God and I truly beleive that he will be healed! Thankyou God for protecting this baby and for your constant healing over his body!

  3. Thank you for sharing an update...was just thinking about Zion the other day. What a precious boy!

  4. Beautiful update. I'm praying. God SO has this in His hands.

    Jeremaiah 30:17
    " 'I will heal your wounds and restore to you your health.'
    says the LORD."

  5. What a gorgeous baby boy..may god look over him.