Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick Trick For Floppy Shoes...

With The Wedding comes trying to coordinate outfits for 8 kiddos...
That means earlier this month we were on the hunt for black shoes! The big issue is that our children have long narrow feet – good luck finding shoes for them!

Here is a trick we use for Hudson's shoes which flop, flop, flop on his feet!
It's a trick I learned as a runner called the Butterfly Tie.  Basically, lace up the shoes like normal, but instead of criss-crossing on the last lace holes, go straight from the second hole to the first.  Then criss-cross the laces in the loop this creates. 
Can you see it in the above picture? 
 Tighten and cinch the laces as needed and then tie as normal.  No more flopping!!! 
 It will work on any lace-up shoe!
Okie dokie...just thought I'd share! 
Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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  1. I do this for my tennis shoes. It gives me support for my foot and ankles. This was recommended by a shoe store for runners. Works.