Monday, April 30, 2012

I am Organizationally Challenged...

Seriously, it may be hard to believe when you see pictures like this one, but organization is just not an area I am gifted in!

What you are viewing above is a picture of Stephanie's favorite shelves in the new pantry!  She loves all the red lids!  Actually, they are old washed out peanut butter containers from the days before I was purchasing 20lb. tubs of peanut butter!

This weekend my fabulous hubby {in spite of some serious bronchitis} put in this:

While this looks pretty organized, I know I could do better with putting like items together, labeling, probably even having better containers.  I know so many of you are so much more naturally talented in this area!!!  {Doors are pending, as they need to be painted!}  This pantry replaces a blank wall that is part of the back hall just off our kitchen.  Neighbors down the street have a similar pantry in their home, and I have been dreaming of one for years!  

Well, this is the year, because {also inspired by our neighbors} we are doing a little kitchen remodel and taking out these:

Ken will be removing all of the upper cabinets, and the lower cabinets to just to the right of the "Lazy Susan". {I never figured out why they call them that!}  Then, he will be taking out the wall that is between our kitchen and dining area!!!

     Here is a view from the dining side:

I know most of you DIYers love pictures of the construction in the, I will be better about showing what we do as we do it.  I would have shown the process of installing the pantry, but thought of it too late!

So..since I can't participate much in the construction part of this project, I'm thinking of tackling a little project of my own:

And, since I'm organizationally challenged...this should keep me busy for quite a while!!!  Seriously, any of you talented people out there want to send me some ideas?

I'd love to see links to your projects!  I'm always inspired by others!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed! {Well, not by the final pictures, but maybe by the first few!}


  1. The pantry looks great! I love organizing our pantry. The kitchen remodel sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the end result. :)

  2. I agree that it looks storage space doesn't look like that. I have a little bit of organization in a few cubboards but needs a lot more!! Looks great-- your taking baby steps and you'll get there. :-) your remodel will be great too. we took down a big wall that divided the kitchen and living room and made it a half of the many good decisions we did with our remodel 5 years ago. opens it up and you don't feel so secluded.

    Jen H

  3. i like the peanut butter jars it make more room and easy to pour with a jar then a big container.

  4. Deb B - DebadooMay 1, 2012 at 7:05 AM

    I Like the pnut butter jar idea! Congrats on the remodel. I am no help at all, I am the world's worst at organizing. I really want to be orgranized, but everytime I try, I make a bigger mess than when I started! I truly think some folks are very gifted in this area, and I'm not, so you have company!

  5. I don't believe you for a second that you are "organizationally challenged"!!! You have 10 children! You HAVE to be somewhat organized just to make it through the day! I've seen your dishwasher stacking skills, and that is the most organization-heavy game I can think of!

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