Monday, September 24, 2012

Where oh Where Has Mama Cook Gone...

Have you been wondering why you haven't heard from me lately?


While we were taking a few days away at the coast, this was happening back home...
When we took out the wall between the dining room and kitchen it left this beautiful space...

Besides it being a major tripping hazard, it left a bit to be desired in the "finished" look department!  We basically had two options, try to patch the existing linoleum flooring and have a transition between the two rooms, or tear up the {5 years new} flooring and have hardwood floors laid. 
The second option was more expensive, but we figured in the long run we would be more satisfied to have a look that flowed.  We hired a fabulous company {shout out to Mario and Creative Hardwood Flooring} and he used his expertise and skill to create a beautiful finished look that we will enjoy for years to come!  {And for what he did, the price was not unreasonable at all...$3000 to tear out old, lay new and refinish all of the hardwoods in our downstairs!}

{Basically, he laid new floor in the kitchen - matching the mixture of Red and White Oak that the floors in the rest of the house are, and then came back a few weeks later to refinish all of them!  He even cut the boards to make shorter planks which is how our original floors were installed 50 years ago!}
Here are a couple more before and after pictures:
Entry before...when we moved in {18 years ago},
 a couple of dogs had lived here that would scratch at the door all day to get out!

Now...not a scratch in sight!  And look at that beautiful wood!
And here's the view of that transition from a different angle...

There are still a few more final projects to complete before the complete remodel is done, but the goal is to have them finished before the baby arrives! {Right honey?}
And, can I just add what an incredible workhorse my husband has been?  With each project I think, "this part has to be the most difficult" only to watch him "jump straight from the frying pan to the fire!"  {Babe, thank you for all of the exhausting work you have done!}

My hubby has photographed different projects along the way, so look for more details to come!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Nice! Nice! Nice!

    T. Wedell :-)

  2. The floors are truly gorgeous! ...and as for projects, I think there will always be more :)

  3. Oh, and PS, LOVE Hudson's cargo jeans, they are SO CUTE!!