Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My sentiments exactly...

Today one of my absolute favorite bloggers posted about having an overfull plate...and how sometimes her blog suffers from it. {You can read about it here!}

I absolutely understand what she is saying!  I LOVE blogs!!!  I love writing one, I love reading them, I love being encouraged, I love getting a little peak into other people's homes, families and lives.

But sometimes, we get busy!  We have children, husbands, schedules...and our best intentions are thwarted.  I always feel like I'm letting my readers down...but while I love my readers...I wouldn't change my "virtual world" for the real world - EVER! 

For me, I "think" in blog posts!  Seriously, my kiddos do or say something and I think, " I should blog about that."  Or, I'll be in my prayer closet {the shower} and God will place an issue on my heart that I know He wants me to write about.  Sometimes I get around to it, and sometimes I don't!  Not because I don't want to...simply because life happens...and I have chosen to live in the role that He has placed before me. 

That is what my purpose for this blog is all encourage you to do the same!  He has placed a path before you...your job is to walk on it, allowing Him to be a "lamp unto your feet."  You may let people who have different expectations of you down, but ultimately you answer to Him!

So, reader, thanks for continuing to check in...hopefully the posts are worth the wait!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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