Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Celebrating Joseph's Brother...

You've heard of him...Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Or more popularly... 
Well, this week my kiddos and I were studying the true Biblical account of Joseph and the details surrounding his brothers selling him to the Egyptians for our weekly CBS class...
 Gen. 37:21
 But when Reuben heard it, he rescued him out of their hands, saying, “Let us not take his life."
Wait! What?  I'd never noticed that verse before.  I think I've always just read the story but didn't pay close attention to the details.
This called for a celebration! 
{With these!} 
Reuben Sandwiches!!!
OK ~ maybe that was a huge jump, but guess which brother my children will remember?
Honestly our family was recently introduced to The Reuben by my future daughter-in-law's family.  This is a meal they love, and now is a favorite in our home as well!
{Thanks Meyers!!!}
They are super easy, and super yummy!  Even if you wouldn't normally eat some of the individual ingredients, I dare you to try one of these!
The Reuben
1 Loaf Rye Bread -sliced for sandwiches
2 Slices Peppered Pastrami {per sandwich}
{Authentic Reubens are made with Corned Beef - FYI}
1 Slice Swiss {per sandwich}
{I like to use the fresh stuff you find in the refrigerated section}
Thousand Island Dressing
Butter outside portion of each slice of bread. Pile on ingredients listed above. Grill until well toasted!
And just to keep the smiles going....
"What do you call a cranky German?"
"A sauerkraut!"
{I can see the eye rolls now...}
Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!



  1. So i just spent the last thirty minutes making a comment then refreshed the page. So I will make this shorter-as a suggestion lora, look up pita bread. Its a common food in egypt. Which is what I was reminded of when you mentioned the psalm from the bible(that's what it was right?! XD).. in short pita bread is kind of like slightly inflated pancakes that go well with just about anything... if I remember correctly you can put food in the middle like stuffing and also I can send you a few recipes for types of dishes...excuse me if this was random your recipe got me thinking..have a good day!!!

  2. I think this is my favorite post of yours! I laughed so hard about the Reuben sandwiches, and then I had to read your post to Mike. And, in a family not much smaller than Joseph's, remembering Reuben's compassion is a good thing! ;)