Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Seed Pots {Tutorial}

The last few days have given us some signs of spring! The daffodils are beginning to bloom! The chives are beginning to pop up through the leaves in the garden.  Pinterest boards are popping with spring fashion ideas!
These little signs always give me an itch to dig in the dirt, and my radar for early planting sounds its alarm!
This year, my goal is to utilize more of my yard for edible plants, and hopefully still maintain some beauty! 
{I'm really an aesthetic gardener at heart!}
My idea is to plant 18 tomato plants along the inside of the picket fence that dresses up our front yard.  Hopefully the pickets will maintain the charm all while supporting the tomato vines! 
{Not to mention this is where we get the most sunshine!}
Typically I run to the garden store and purchase starts for all of the plants I want in my garden.  This year, in an effort to stick to our new budget, I am getting more creative in starting from seed and spending a minimal amount on supplies!
Here is a tutorial for free DIY Seed Pots!
Gather your supplies:
*Can with both ends cut off
* Stack of newspapers {mine are donated from my neighbor}
Next, cut your newspaper into strips and roll using your can.  You will want to leave about 2" at the end to fold into the end of the can, which makes the bottom of your seed pot.
Once you have folded the paper into the bottom, set the can upright and press down on the paper to make it flat. 
{Am I making sense?}
The can should slip out at this point!
Fold over the tops about 1/2"-1" in order to hold everything in place!  And seed pots in very little time!

Fill those babies with some planting soil, add your seeds, water, and place in a sunny window!
This post brought to you by my happy helpers!
Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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