Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hand Holding! {With an update on Zion}


They didn't notice me, but I noticed them! 

Monday I was waiting for Zion to be seen at our local Children's Hospital.  A couple walked in, obviously new to the "Children's Experience."  As they navigated their way through security, checking in, and then each looking for signs to direct them where to go, instinctively they reached their hand out to the other.  Catching hold of each other, a look of relief passed between them.

Today {Wednesday}, as the kiddos and I walked home from the store...Hudson started crying out, "Someone hold my hand!!!  Hold my hand!"  Then catching himself, calmly asking, "Would someone please hold my hand!"

I turned and said, "Sure Hudson!  I'd love to hold your hand!  I love holding hands, wanna' know why?"

He looked at me, and I answered...

"Because it's a good reminder that you're not alone!"

A quick update on Zion ~
Today he was seen at the Urology Clinic following an ultrasound of his kidneys.  The ultrasound showed noticeable improvement to his kidneys!  While they are still dilated, they have more "working tissue" than the previous ultrasound, and the ureter are no longer swollen!!! 
We are praising God for His healing hand and praying for continued healing for Zion!
Tomorrow we see the Nephrologist {kidney specialist} who will give her opinion of the ultrasound...we are expecting good news from her as well!
Thank you to all who have joined us in imploring the Lord for his hand on Zion!
Next follow up appointment in November!
Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Awesome!!! I love that you get to be relieved with the long stretches in between checkups, it's reassurance that it's not life-threatening, and you don't have to be so worried. What a story of God's strength for Zion to hear when he's older!

  2. Soo happy for your family Mrs.Cook!! I know Zion will be full of strength and keep going. I will pray for all your family if it makes a difference! :D I think it would. I just adore your family, they are so in tune with one another in my opinion. Due to great parenting though!.
    Have an amazing day-I'll email you soon but am still writing up the questions and filtering them a bit.