Monday, November 21, 2011

Bread Baking in Process...

Good Monday Morning to Everyone!  Remember that there is still time to enter the giveaway!

Who knew that the process of bread baking would cause so many questions to arise?  Must be the yeast!  Oh, I am so punny!

Per many requests, here are a few pictures of bread baking in process...

Here is the wheat grinder in action! {It sounds like the high pitch of a jet engine!}

We use The Blendtec Kitchen Mill by Ktec. My sweet girl bought this for me after my other mill had water poured in it! I can grind 12 cups of wheat at a time in approximately 2 minutes!  There are a lot of options in mills out there, but this one serves us beautifully...{they run about $180 dollars through Amazon, but you may be able to find it less expensive through a web search!}

For loaf pans, we use these 2 Pullman Loaf Pans + 3 Standard Loaf Pans.  Pullman Pans have straight sides,produce a longer loaf, and make great sandwich bread!  My hubby bought these for me a few Christmases ago...{Again, I found these on Amazon for $16.00!}

Then there is the big red bowl! This one is another Christmas gift from my husband from Crate and Barrel.  They don't sell this exact one anymore, but do sell some other similar items.  It is nice to have an over sized bowl for allowing the dough to rise - then you don't end up with the "spill over" that happens with smaller bowls.  If you do not have a large bowl, you could improvise with a large pot or bucket.  I also have separated my dough portions into the pans, let them rise, punched them down and let them rise again!

Each of these items I have acquired over time!  You do not NEED each of these items to begin making your own bread.  Improvise!  I used to have a stand mixer, which made my bread making super convenient, but I burned up the motor with the quantity of bread I was making in it!  {Literally, I had to take it outside because of all the smoke pouring out of it!} I am saving my pennies to buy a heavy duty mixer (Bosch), but in the meantime, I'm getting my workout kneading the dough by hand!

OK, there you have it!  Feel free to comment with any more questions, and I will respond through the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Thank you! I will have to put the loaf pans on my wish list! Ginger

  2. AND a good sharp bread knife will keep your slices thin, as the bread itself holds together wonderfully! Mama Cook's meat sandwiches would not be the same without it!

  3. Wonderful! I was wondering what kind of grinder to get...and loaf pans...excellent!

    Blessings to you!

  4. Hey so I am 16...i just came to terms with something nawing at me soo bad lately...Lora you probably don't know of me. But thank you so much... I appreciate you posting on here i look forward to your posts you do now because they give me something I haven't had in yrs...hope.-hope that I can get out of the situation I'm in. For so long I have wanted just to get out of life and go to where ever i would go after life. I appreciate your posts so much more then I think you can realize because while I wait the person I love is in hell or so she says. But here you are paradoxically enough helping me (and many others too) with your inspirational thoughts and ideas..(what a small world Indeed) the point of me posting was to get my point across and that point is- THANK YOU for helping me out of my struggle (that much that you did). And realize that you are giving many people hope by what you spend your time doing...just ponder that for me please ok-if you helped me, you have most likely helped many other people...have a great day Lora and your family too. I appreciate what you ah e done for me.