Friday, November 18, 2011

Fast Tip Friday ~ Cups and Littles:Keeping Them Corralled {Plus a Little Giveaway}...

So, I don't know about you, but one of the little frustrations about having so many "Littles" is the constant use and toss of cups!  Seriously, we own 14 child size cups, and, in the past, by dinner time, they ALL would be in the sink or dishwasher!

One day, Mama said, "No More!"

And so birthed the "Cup Corral":

It consists of a little, plastic, white tray that holds 5 IKEA kids cups comfortably.  Each morning the kiddos pick their color, and use and replace their cups to the tray through out the day!  If you look closely in the picture, you can see a bit of water in the tray...Hudson is just able to reach his cup {usually the green one}, grab a drink of water, and return the cup - this usually also results in a little spillage!  No worries - the tray holds it nicely - and Mama never has another thought about it!

Tray: JoAnn Fabrics - $3.99 {came with some condiment compartments and spoons}
Cups: IKEA - $1.99 {package of 6 - I believe}

No more frustration!

Now for the giveaway!

As I was standing in line at Trader Joe's yesterday, I saw this 3 pack of Dark Chocolate Bars!  I thought of all of you and how grateful I am for all of the wonderful feedback and support I have received on my new blog!  So, for this giveaway, simply enter a comment about what you are thankful for! {I know some are going through some yucky stuff right now, so this might be difficult! Come on! I know you can do it!}  Three winners will be randomly drawn and announced next Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. My husband will be on vacation until the end of the year and I am so grateful for the time we'll be able to spend together before the new baby arrives!

  2. I'm thankful for God's provision that we were able to buy Valerie her own plane ticket seat and get a 2 bedroom suite while on our vacation. So much more relaxing than our usual vacation!

    I know you probably don't do sippy cups, but we're needing them for planes, trains and automobiles. Any recommendations for truly unleaking ones?

  3. I am thankful for a baby that is smiley and happy to see everyone after she wakes up. I am also thankful she sleeps through the night.

  4. i am thankful for my family and the job i have in a time when jobs are so hard to find i am in a place were my job is growing and doing better then most (i say that in all humility)i thank God for it after not having employment for a long time and lastly for the chance to travel and serve God

    -Michael williams

  5. I am thankful for my children. Last evening, specifically, Lilly made homemade pizza for dinner and blessed us all!

    Tara Allman

  6. So funny! You and I are so similar. I'm going to send you a pic in just a minute. Cups, socks, shoes and snacks are tough with lots of little kids. It is so wonderful when we come up with solutions! I'm thankful for my husband who works endless hours to provide for his family while trying to beat leukemia...he is my hero! And that is my FAVORITE chocolate in the whole world ;) In fact, I've eaten it for so long now that when I have Hersheys-it doesn't seem like chocolate, haha!

  7. Um... well I am ALWAYS up for dark chocolate! ;) I am so thankful for all God has given me! But I suppose you want specifics? :) I am thankful right now for my 5-year-old sister, who pronounces egg nog as "Olg nog". Love it!

  8. Well...this is a no-brainer! I'm thankful for your friendship and how God shows His love for me through the hugs of your precious kids! They always make my day! You have NO idea!...Well, maybe you do!

  9. Hi Lora! Been lurking, but thought I'd jump in on this giveaway! :-) As Keilah said, who *wouldn't* get excited about free chocolate?!

    I am thankful daily for each of the blessings of children God has given me. This morning, I'm thankful for hard-working kids (and even the ones who are avoiding the work...). :-)

  10. What am I thankful for?.... Hmmm let me count the ways!

    I am thankful for the most amazing and wonderful wife a man could have! I would say imagine, but you are beyond anything I could imagine! (hint to others: when you pray for God’s blessing, don’t limit Him with your imagination!)

    I am thankful for a God that’s word is true and trustworthy – as Hannah called Him in 1st Samuel; the Lord Almighty, which means the God of Hosts, the God who goes before us in battle. So, when we are faced with trouble we need not to look for Him, He is already there ahead of us and leading us in the way to go!

    And, I am thankful for Dark Chocolate! All others truly pale in comparison (sorry, pun intended.)

    Love you!

  11. I am thankful for so many things right now! I will sum it up with PROVISION! My needs have been provided for~plentiful helpers to tear up and redo the new house, a new house that has a yard and 3 bedrooms, alternative financing when a traditional bank loan wasn't possible, a free house to stay in while the mess is sorted out, wonderful pet-sitters that have been patient, a husband that comes up with alternatives when our original ideas don't work out, a daughter that stays fairly upbeat and smiling even when we are on the move all the time, and my husband (YES AGAIN) who is patient with me, and diligently works the long hours to finish so we can move in!!!
    I thank God for all of these things because most of it would fall apart if even one piece were taken away!!

  12. I am most thankful for my sobriety of 21 years,that God watched over me and my children when I was drinking. I am so very thankful for God blessing me with so very many grandchildren who are the light of my life and me Great grandchildren who are here now and 2 more on the way. I am thankful that God has blessed my neice, Sheila, with her first pregnancy, she will be sucha good mother. But most of all I am so thankful that my daughter, Lora, has become a women of God and is so inspirational to all of us. Lora, you are amazing. The chocolate can be given to someone else but I am thankful that I could voice all of this. God Bless