Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Fast Tip! {Penny Perk Up!}

One of my all time favorite flowers is tulips!
{I know, it's not a picture of tulips below!} 
The problem with tulips is how quickly they will droop.  A few years ago, my friend Amanda taught me how to perk them back up...
A Penny!!!
Our daughter Stephanie just recently started working at our local fruit market.  One benefit of her working there is that she is able to bring home "un-sellables".  The other night she brought home these sweet Gerbera Daisies...not sellable because they were droopy!
She added them to a vase, plopped in a penny, and...

I just saw some flowers marked down at our local grocer to $1.99, for the very same reason! $2.00 could make a great, inexpensive pick me up in your home!
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  1. I LOVE those kind of perks!!! Those flowers are powder pink gorgeous!

  2. In flower shops we use plastic tubes (think straws for bubble tea) to keep them from drooping. I love gerber daisies. Those are my favorite flower.