Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mama's Little Helper...

A few years ago, my friend Megan was shocked to know that I didn't typically have my kiddos help in the kitchen.  {My reasoning was that I could do it so much faster and get a few minutes to myself if I simply worked alone.}  That day I was convicted that I was doing my children and myself a disservice!

Since then, I try to find ways to include my kiddos as much as possible!

So, while Mama was doing this:

                                                                     Hudson was doing this:

Then, after popping the first couple pizzas in the oven, I went to do a quick check of email. Reminding Hudson NOT to get the flour out of the bin, it turned into this:

and this:

and this:

Who could be mad at this cute boy?
 {Notice the "grey" pants...they were originally navy!}

The moral?  Never leave children unattended in the kitchen!!!

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  1. Oh, good... at the beginning of your post I was thinking, "I could never let E play with flour like that, he'd make a HUGE mess." Now at least I know he's a normal boy. :) I did let him help me make gluten-free playdoh yesterday. I let him dump all the measured ingredients into the bowl. He likes to stand on the step stool to watch/help me cook. :)
    - Jenai

  2. Oh, Lora....talk about being CONVICTED! Are you sure that was me who said that?! Must have been many, many moons ago...as I seem to have eased myself into bad habits. Just before reading this, I had repeatedly shooed both of my little ones out of the kitchen while I simultaneously made 2 separate meals, did the dishes and tried to regain my composure from a very long day in 'mommyland'. They could have helped, but I had convinced myself that I might lose my mind if they were underfoot. Bad Mommy! No cookie! ;)
    I've just been to a conference on Autism that convinced me I really need to be teaching Alex the basics of independent living, even though the skills are difficult for him to learn and realistically, he may never live independently. But, just in case...I gotta do it! It is also time for my 3-year-old to graduate from just putting the clean silverware away, on to other kitchen helps. I want to teach my children that when we're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, we need to ask others for help....not push them away....and I was showing them just the opposite through my actions.
    What better time to start new kitchen habits than in the coming weeks, when the kids are home from school all day? We'll have LOTS of opportunities for lessons (Mommy included!).

  3. So, now I'm wondering...did you have a moment where you thought, "See! There IS a reason I never let children help in the kitchen!" *giggle* Adorable photos! :)

  4. So cute! In a couple of minutes, you will blink, and he will be 18. Enjoy of minute of every stage.

  5. I think the lesson may extend to husbands as well!! I always think it will just be faster to do it myself, but if you constantly push them away, they take the hint a lot faster than children, and cease to offer help.
    I have to remind myself that it's not "wasting time" if it takes longer when he helps, it's "quality time"