Monday, December 19, 2011

Friends and Gingerbread Houses...

One of my very best friends, Melanie, is expecting their 5th blessing!  Last Thursday was their 12 week appointment.  So while she and her husband were off, all of the kiddos made Gingerbread Houses!

For the sake of keeping it simple, we used graham crackers for the structure of our houses, a ton of frosting, and two tons of candy!

This project kept 10 kiddos entertained for just under 2 hours!


Let me say, one of the great things about gingerbread creations is the ingenuity that goes into them. From a homeschooling perspective, there is a vast array of subjects that creating houses can cover ~ math, art, science, history (one house was a medieval castle), occupational education, etc.  Besides they are just plain fun!

This is what Claire did while the big kiddos were busy! 

It's never to early to start training them, right?

Oh, and how did I cope with the effects of all that sugar?

Some good old fashioned, hard work! {Our neighbor is 87 years old, so my kiddos help care for her yard!}

What other Christmas craft or game ideas to you have?{My other neighbor used to host a children's Christmas party every year - I'll need to pick her brain for some entertaining ideas!}

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. You could make felt gingerbread people and angels. Use acrylic or fabric paint to decorate them. That's one of my favorite crafts I did growing up.

  2. We recycled Christmas cards by cutting out the pictures in fun shapes and then glued toothpicks like log houses to make frames and tied on a string to hang them. Also, we made homemade play dough and used Christmas cookie cutters, dried them and then painted them to use as ornaments.

  3. We still have all of the supplies to make a gingerbread house from two years ago! Needless to say, we have run out of time both years due to children being due about the same time. Next's on!

    For a Christmas craft idea; most people send out holiday cards, so why not involve all your children in making yours?! Set it up like your oh-so-organized house decorations (cut out trees, have a stack of cardstock cut to the size you want your cards, set out stamps, glitter, pens) and let them go to town! I personally love making cards, and relatives always love to receive crafts made by little ones!! Then you can stick your family photo in with a little Christmas letter, and voila! You have a nice picture for the recipients, and some genuine holiday cheer to go along with it!