Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bring Me A Higher Love! {Day 4 ~ Final Lesson of Love Series!}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I absolutely adore Valentine’s Day!  I love the colors, the hearts, the message!  In our home, Papa takes care of the girls and Mama takes care of the boys.  Traditionally, Papa buys all the girls a single rose and a box of chocolates…as they grow, so does the size of the box!  Our oldest daughter is married and has two children of her own, but Papa still buys her a rose and candy…his way of saying, “You’ll always be my Valentine!”

For dinner, we always have homemade Heart Shaped Pizza! {I was inspired by our local pizza shop one year, when they were selling pizza in a heart shape ~ only it cost $1 more!  That was the year I said, “No way! I can make that myself!”}

Another reason I love Valentine’s Day is that it is fairly easy to lavish a little love on others without breaking the budget!  Just a sweet mid-winter pick me up!

If nothing else, teach your kiddos how to cut out paper hearts {you could add a lesson on symmetry}, give them great big hugs and love, love, love! 
For our final lesson in love, I’m going to touch on the topic of Eros Love

Eros love is physical love…where our word erotic comes from! 

I believe it is a natural part of the beginnings of a relationship between a man and woman.  God designed us this way!  But where would I find a scripture reference?  Read the whole book of Song of Solomon ~ one of the greatest love stories ever written, and it is full of Eros Love!

Unfortunately, this is the foundation that many couples build their relationships on!  While it is a good magnet of attraction to draw two people together, we must use caution to discern between our feelings and true love!

Eros love will fade if the foundation of a relationship is not based on the other two loves I’ve already spoken about!  In fact, my experience has been that as the Agape and Philos love grows between Ken and I, then the Eros love tends to stay intact…maybe because it morphs into the others…

A few final words… 

By now, you have discovered that only True Love can come from The One who is love!  Whether you are married or single, your quest to fill that void in your heart will never come from a worldly relationship!  Yes, you may feel temporarily fulfilled, but eventually it will fade… 

That void in your heart was created by The One who created you…so that you would yearn to fill it with Him! {Ecclesiastes 3:11}

The problem is that we are a selfish people, filled with sin.  Not one of us is good enough to be in the presence of a Most High God!  {Romans 3:23}  

The good news is that He sent His Son to take on the punishment for that sin, so that we may be in His presence. {Romans 5:8}

We don’t have to get our acts together or clean ourselves up before we can go to this God who promises us fulfillment in Him.  We simply have to confess that we are sinners, we’re not perfect, but we desire to turn from that “old way” and want to “put on the new” ~ which, through Christ, becomes our righteousness! {Acts 3:19}

Then we seek to grow in our knowledge of who He is!  He will do the transforming work…we just have to obey!

This Valentine’s Day, love on the people whom God has given you…but, Choose Him to be your Forever Valentine!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

PS ~ If you’re finding your heart yearning to be eternally filled, but don’t know where to start, please feel free to email me, and I will give you some resources to get you started on your journey! If you simply have questions...I'll do my best to answer, and get you going in the right direction!

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