Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Your Fridge Running {Efficiently}?

...or is it overrun with papers, magnets and the like?

For most families the fridge becomes the stop place for all of the memos, spelling tests, invitations, pictures, appointment name it!

In a household our size, and I believe in most households, it can get a bit out of hand! When Isabelle was in kindergarten {before we home schooled}, her teacher Ms. Bowker, had the children do a genius first week project ~ the personal clip magnet! 

 Today I'm sharing some refrigerator renewal with a tutorial of that cute magnet to hold each child's personal paperwork.

Here is what you will need:

Little People Cutouts
 {Mine are for calendars ~ purchased at Lakeshore Learning}
Clothes Pin
Magnet Strip
Hot Glue Gun

After having your child decorate their person cutout to look like themselves, place a strip of hot glue onto one side of your clothes pin.

Then add the the cutout to the glue strip - pressing firmly!

Next, add about 1" of the magnet strip to the back of the clothes pin using the same hot glue method.

We created one for each of our Littles that are home schooled because they are the most likely to put items on the refrigerator!  {The girl second to the left is the original one Isabelle made 3 years ago!}


Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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