Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm Drivin' In My Car...

OK!  I totally have to laugh!  Do you know that, next to "Are they all yours?", the most frequently asked question I hear is, "What kind of car do you drive?" {Said with jaw dropping, eyes popping, wonder.}

Honestly, we have driven a number of cars over the years and loved our Chevy Astro Van for most of those years.  Then blessing number 6 was due to arrive, and we no longer could fit our whole family into an 8 passenger vehicle.  So, we moved up to a full size, 12 passenger van.  It is equipped with a "lovely" back up beeper and everything! {Seriously, the warning sound on this thing is louder than most construction vehicles!}

To say it was easy to move into such a vehicle would not be completely forthright!  Besides the obvious challenge of learning how to drive such a large vehicle without rolling the backend over every curb, there was a small amount of pride to overcome!  Many of us know friends who don't want to move to the "mini van" because of their was sort of like that...sort of...

Once I fully embraced my new "look", I learned to have fun with it!  The kiddos affectionately nicknamed our van "Great White!" We began adding fish to represent each arrival of a new baby. {I even had a gentleman at a gas station mention to me that I was driving a "school bus".  Cute!}  I actually find that my negative pride has changed from a focus about my image to pride in my children and the blessing that they are to our family!  And bonus...I don't fit in the parking garage at the mall, so I have to park in the space reserved only for oversized vehicles...a huge benefit at Christmas time!
I often hear, "We'd like to have more children, but we just can't afford a bigger car."   To that I say, "Are you sure?"  "Are there other areas where you could sacrifice?" "Is it a bigger vehicle you can't afford, or can you just not afford a newer, bigger vehicle?"  "Could you sell both of the vehicles you now own and purchase one large capacity vehicle?" Actually, I know a beautiful family that drives two cars when they need to go somewhere...  No, it's not practical or even "green", but it is making due with what they have - trusting that God has a plan for their future. 

In a poignant article by Above Rubies editress Nancy Campbell, she speaks about God's provision for another baby.  In it she points to different aspects of God's provision, but I especially love how she points to the promises God makes with those who will follow his commands in Dueteronomy 7 and 28.  The reminder is on how God provides the blessing in the fruit of the womb in these verses before he blesses the land, crops,  and livestock!  If we truly believe God's word about children, then we believe that He will provide for them!

Oh sure, I dream of the day that Nana drives a cute, little, easy to drive, car...but seriously, by then I'll have so many grandbabies to tote around, I'll need the van to get us all there!  It's a burden I'm happy to carry!

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  1. This is great. We drive a 7 passenger minivan right now. Ive been thinking about when/if we will need another, bigger vehicle. The moms who don't want to drive a minivan, haven't learned about the amazing capabilities it offers- like the doors that open FOR YOU when you are carrying babies, and groceries! I LOVE My MINIVAN!