Tuesday, March 13, 2012


One of my absolute favorite gifts to give {and receive} is flowers!  You might be shocked to hear such a thing from someone who is so frugal, but let me explain...

I remember the event like it was yesterday.  I was 8 years old and walking through the grocery store with an older man in my life.  We walked past a display of beautiful flowers.  I said, "You should by some flowers for your wife."  His reply to me was, "No, I don't buy flowers!  They are a waste of money.  They will just die."

An impression was made on my little 8 year old heart that day!  If you receive flowers, you are worth having money wasted on!  Thirty-plus years later, and they still say the same thing to me!

When I give flowers, I am saying, "You are worth wasting money on!  Have some joy in your day...even if it's only temporary!" 

And, when I receive flowers, I receive them the same way...even if the person who gave them to me didn't intend that message!

The flowers in the picture above are a gift from some dear friends that we recently had over for dinner.  I smile every time I look at them!

The vase is from another special friend in my life!  {Unique circumstances brought us together, and now we walk every week  - though our lives don't cross much in other areas, we know very intimate parts of each other through our weekly "support session"!}  She gave this pitcher to me filled with another beautiful arrangement, and it is my absolute favorite item to display flowers in ~ I'm reminded of her every time I use it!

Do you know someone you would love to "waste some money" on?  Go buy them some flowers - or make some paper ones if the budget doesn't allow for them!  Share some joy!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. I feel the same way about flowers, why do you think weddings always have so many?! We even crush them and throw their pettles all over an aisle that we are just going to walk on and forget about! Anyone who claims they don't enjoy flowers should reconsider why they would pay through the nose for an accessory to one day in their lives, and think about their wedding without flowers, then come back and tell me that they don't enjoy the frivolity!

  2. Tristen! So true!!! Oooo, and I love the word frivolity...that is exactly what it is!