Friday, March 16, 2012

In Case You Thought My Children Were Perfect...{With a Word on Socialization!}

He walked out of The Y with two papers in hand. Loading in the van I could see that old familiar look.  The one that I used to see as he stepped off the bus ~ shame!

"What are those papers," I asked {knowing they were report cards}.  He handed them over to me and quickly took his seat.

"Noah is very interested in socializing and less interested in doing creative art work," read the comments from the teacher.

Exclaiming, "Looks good to me!" his expression changed. Relief and surprise filled his eyes.  So I asked, "What do you think you are in Homezone for?"  To which he replied, "Learning how to swim, learning gym, and learning art."  My answer? "No!"

If I could have captured his face at that moment!

"You know how to swim, right?  You know how to play games in PE, right? You know how to do basic crafts, right?"


"You are in Homezone to socialize!  Looks like you did what I expected you to do!"

{Don't get me wrong, I expect my children to respect their teachers.  I expect them to listen and follow instructions.  But seriously, he does pretty well at these things in other areas of his life ~ church, CBS Bible Study, etc.  I certainly was not going to let him hold onto unnecessary shame where it wasn't needed.}

Never mind that he completely diffused a fist fight instigated by another boy who has "anger management issues"!  I'd say Noah had a great day!!!

Just had to share!

Here's a little homeschooling friends will love it...for others it may shine some light on the issue of socialization!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Congrats!! To both of you! That was a great call on your part mama. And wow, he looks pretty young. If he was able to completely diffuse a fist fight that another child started, or tried to start, so that they didn't get into a fight, way to go Noah!! There are a lot of adults that don't do that very well.

  2. As Noah was riding in my car on the way to the Old Spaghetti Factory, he surprised me with just how aware of himself and others he is! He is a little conversationalist! I asked him what he was up to lately, and he had a lot to say!! But not only did he tell me what I wanted to know, he then turned the question around to me, asking me what I was doing lately! I was not expecting to get such an interactive response out of was truly refreshing!