Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Celebrating Birthday's '80s Style {1780-1980 that is...}

June has been a busy month of celebrating birthdays around here!
This year my hubby and I turned The Big 4-0!

 Not knowing exactly how to celebrate such a grand occasion {remember what a great party planner I am}...we decided to use a Colonial Dinner Experience that we purchased at an auction a few years back to celebrate with some friends. {OK, since it was a costume dinner, maybe I used the "it's my birthday" to coax some good sportsmanship out of them!}

Dinner was a blast, and I don't ever remember learning history being so much fun!  We ate, sang songs around the piano, and played a game from the Colonial Times!
Our Hostess
{Sorry - No Pictures of the Host!}

Fast forward two decades to 1980...

Another friend of ours was celebrating her 30th birthday and decided to hold a '80s party!

These pictures were taken post party ~ it was like totally awesome dude...

This summer we have a '50s party to go to...I can't wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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  1. What fun it was celebrating with you! We sure come from GREAT & AMAZING founders! You look HOT rockin the 1980's my friend! Hugs!