Friday, June 8, 2012

Prayer Request and a Friday Fast Tip {Summer Calendar}

This week has been a long and emotional one...but full of God's miraculous hand and steadfast comfort!

Monday, one of my very closest friends, gave birth to her 5th son - Jude Andrew.  It is really her journey to tell, so I will not reveal the whole story here. {Maybe one day she will "guest blog" for me!} But I do know that their family would appreciate prayers for their sweet bundle who is currently in our local Children's Hospital NICU...awaiting the completion of God's Miracle!

Because she and I are so close, so are our children!  So, while Mom and Dad are in the hospital with Jude, The Cottage is expanding to accommodate 4 more children!  My goal is for them to have a "soft place to land" where they will feel like they can "be at home" and not have to adjust to too many transitions.  My prayer is that they will feel comfortable enough to be able to express their emotions honestly, but still have the relief of distraction from the day to day realities their family is facing.

Today while I was thinking and planning some fun things to do, I came across this from The Confident Mom:

The Summer Survival Calendar

I figured this was right up my alley so I took advantage of Generation Cedar's Discount Code!  Check out her will be convicted and inspired!  And then order the calendar using the makes the calendar $7.20!  A small price to pay for a piece of sanity!

Thank you for your prayers for my friend's family, and grace if I don't post too frequently!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. Lora, you are such an amazing woman. Praying for sweet little Jude. God bless you and your huge heart! :)

  2. I am going to check out yours before I go buying more organizational products...they really suck me in! ...even though I do just fine with my 10 cent spiral bound notebook and my brain. I don't have the gaggle of kiddos to entertain yet, so why am I so tempted?! It does look fun though!!!