Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fast Tip...{Trays and Link to a Giveaway!}

This may be something that many of you do, but it took me 22 years of parenting before this brilliant idea came to me!

One of the ways we save money in our budget is by purchasing #10 cans of food...applesauce, pears, peaches, fruit cocktail, pineapple, salsa, hominy, tomato sauce, etc... {Each can cost around $4.50}

When we are home from our shopping trip, I have the kiddos sit down at the table and scoop single servings into plastic cups and attach lids and then freeze...{Containers and lids are purchased for around $3.50 for 200}

In order to contain all of the sticky mess that Littles can make, one day I realized they could do this task over plastic trays!  I had purchased these trays to be used in our "Montessori Corner" - {an idea that never actually produced much fruit around here}.  Anyway, we have used them for many other things...Lego play, play dough, crafts...and now they are indispensable on Town Day when fruit packing is essential!

I purchased my trays at Lakeshore Learning about a year ago.  I think I paid around $10 for 4.  This price may be a bit high, but I was looking for something durable and these fit the bill.  In a pinch, you could use cookie sheets or I'm sure the Dollar Store likely carries something similar!

And now for the fun part!

Jacinda over at Growing Home is sharing a giveaway for $20 towards a purchase at Sunny Patch Cottage!  They have some really cute, modest little {and not so little} girl clothes!  Plus, Growing Home is one of my favorite blogs to pop in for some mothering encouragement!  You'll be glad you checked it out!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. This is a GREAT tip..Thank you for sharing. I need more tips like these. Does the fruit get mushy after it thaws? Guess I would have never thought about frezing canned fruit.


  2. The fruit stays perfect, not mushy at all! Plus it's great on hot summer days if you don't completely thaw it out!! (Also makes for easy smoothie making, as the fruit is already in the perfect measurement) But be aware of what you are buying; not all cans of fruit contain nutrition, most contain little more than 2% of vitamin c.

  3. What a great idea!! Trays can be used for so many things but I had not thought of this. Of course I only had 2 children so never really needed those sizes. You always amaze me with your brilliant ideas and all you have learned and are learning, having such a large family...your awesome!!!
    Wish I could enter the give away, what a great prize...Mom xxoo

  4. I love this. Do you have a link to the plastic cups with lids you use? Or do you get them at Cash N Carry?