Monday, June 18, 2012

One Thing I'm Really NOT Good At is...


Seriously!  I'm am such a HUGE procrastinator, just getting out invitations is a monumental task for me!  Don't get me wrong, I love a creative birthday party...I'm just not one to pull them off with ease!

One result of my "party ineptitude" is that certain girls in our house still have not officially celebrated last years birthdays! (I might add that Isabelle's birthday has come and gone a second now she has two celebrations stacked up!)

So, in order to "catch up",  a few weeks ago, we had a Candyland Party for Sarah.  It was officially not a birthday party,  but a party to celebrate her birthday...{I don't know, I guess wording it like that made me feel better!}

She had been dreaming about it for months!  So, despite the punctual planning, we did have fun!

Once our guests arrived, we started with Rainbow Lunch:

~Each of the water bottles is labeled with a guests be used for a project later!~

Next came a rousing game of Life Size CandyLand!

Stephanie painstaking laid out the path using construction paper and blue tape!  The "lollipops" are wrapping paper tubes with balloons connected by tying a string to the end of the balloon and then running it down the length of the tube.  We then covered each balloon with cellophane and tied it with a ribbon.  {You can see in the picture that we had to tape them to the floor...we tried unsuccessfully to weight them for stability!}

Here's the party girl {who could have used her hair brushed...aaahh, curls!}  Apparently the lollipops are pretty realistic looking because Claire kept trying to lick them!

Next, we filled those water bottles with Rainbow Candy! 

I had originally purchased six boxes of Tropical Good and Plenty's, thinking it would be plenty to fill each bottle, but you can see how far each box actually filled {these were the smaller water bottles too}!  So, being the creative geniuses that we are, Stephanie and I quickly popped some popcorn to be our "clouds at the end of the rainbow"!

After each guest fill their bottles, we attached a toothbrush and lollipop hairbands {found at the Dollar Store} to send home as our "thanks for coming" gift!

For the grand finale each  guest enjoyed a piece of this Candyland Cake!

Recipe via Parents Magazine

During the party, each guest also made Rainbow Necklaces with Fruitloops and yarn {no pictures available}. 

A fun time was had by all!

How about you find yourself challenged in the Party Planning Department?  Any good remedies?

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is the COOLEST PARTY EVER!!! Awesome job, and thank you so much for sharing the pictures!

  2. Life-sized Candyland?! Genius!!! I'm stealing the idea for a future SLG event - and I might steal Stephanie to help me out. :) You threw a great - and inexpensive - party, which is definitely a skill these days.

  3. For being "really not good at parties," that's the coolest party ever! :) The parties I throw are just food and maybe balloons.