Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ombre Banner {A fast naptime project}

This is the view from my "office"! 

 For years it was decorated with a simple Monet print that my husband purchased for me many years ago!

Last year, as I spent countless hours grafted to the couch nursing my sweet babe, the view became a bit "dated".  I needed a change of scenery.

Down came the print and up went this thrift store find mirror and some made by me monogram letters. much better!

One thing I love to do is change the decoration on the mirror to match the season!  It keeps things fresh and interesting.  I have been hanging a little wreath off the corner of the mirror and had intended to make a coffee filter wreath for summer...but then I saw this lovely banner with tutorial on Emily's blog...and knew I needed to make one myself!

Seriously, it only took about an hour to make!

 Here are some hints if you want to make one yourself:

* Measure!  Decide how long you want it to be and how far apart you want your paint strips.  Then place the strips using a ruler above your twine as a marker. 

* Remember to accommodate for a little extra on each's looks a little funny if your strips go all the way to the end.  I had to take two off, and let me tell you trying to get hot glued paper of twine is no easy task!

* Odd numbers look best!!!  Most of you probably already know this, but just in case...plan an odd amount of paint strips for symmetry.

* Yes, you can take that many paint strips from the sample wall!!!  My sweet hubby {who used to manage a paint store} assured me of this!

Have fun!  I'd love to see your finished products!

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