Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Big Reveal! {It's A...}

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound and while there, we were able to see what the newest Cook Baby will be! 

Needing a great way to announce our news, I copied an idea that my oldest daughter used when announcing the gender of her baby girl ~ the "Reveal Cupcake!"


Basically I baked standard cupcakes and then used a cake decorator to insert colored frosting into the center of the cake.  Afterward, I frosted the entire top of the cupcake in white!  We waited until the next day{when my oldest would be over} for each of the kiddos to get to take a bite of the cupcakes.  Everyone was pleasantly surprised!

The only glitch was that Noah was at church camp.  Thankfully my friend Andrea was headed down to camp for the day, and offered to deliver a cupcake to him!  I'm so grateful that she caught this video!

Many of you are friends with me on Facebook, so this video is not new, but for those of you who aren't, without further ado...

I know many of you don't even check the gender...wanting to be surprised!  Recently I read that some see checking the gender as "unfaithful", quoting Psalm 139:15 where it says we are made in "the secret place".

What are your thoughts? Is it sac religious to know before the baby is born?

Any other great announcement ideas {there are not a lot of creative ones online}?

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed!


  1. I asked my husband about what he wanted to do and he said, "the day of birth is SO surprising-what the baby looks like, hair color, etc. There is so much to be in wonder about. Why not be surprised twice?" I also find sometimes it helps to feel like you get to know your baby sooner when you know the gender. Not very biblical, but practical I suppose!

    1. We've been both surprised and known...this time it was for practical reasons that we found you couldn't miss it if we tried! But, I do admit after reading the article, I've had the nagging thought in my head that maybe secrets are meant to be kept secrets! Thanks for posting!

  2. Send those nagging thoughts packing!!! God gave us the amazing ability to do and create amazing technology so why not use it? We use it for all other sorts of procedures :-) Personally ... I couldn't wait to find out! I even made sure to have my one and only caffeinated beverage before arriving (a double espresso) to make sure no one was asleep! Ha! I absolutely loved talking to my son by name as we took our journey together ... and when he was born ... so many new surprises were there to discover! It's all good!!! LOVED the cupcake!!! What a great way to deliver the news to Noah! Be blessed my friend! Hugs!

    T. Wedell

    1. Auntie Tammy, I didn't know about the espresso trick... I'll be telling everybody I know.
      I just love that the kid next to PL asked if it was the third or fourth baby : )

      Mama Cook, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, you sinner for enjoying your children so much that you would find out the gender! ;) Just kidding. I'm pretty sure God enjoys watching the excitement as the news spreads.
    I agree with being able to call your sweet babe by name! If you're scared of becoming a new mom, it provides comfort from your anxieties. If God's timing wasn't quite what you were hoping for, it provides connection and attachment sooner. If you have 9 other kiddos and 2 grandbabies running around, it provides some one-on-one time before the hard part begins again.
    Usually God reveals the gender to the mothers, so it would seem to me this is no secret under lock and key, but rather His sweetness. I only plan secrets/surprises for those that I love, but I have never been offended if someone were to find out early.
    The only circumstance that I would suggest a parent wait to find out is when there are negative feelings about one gender over another, that's just being a party pooper! :(