Monday, October 17, 2011

A Day at The Farm...

I know lots of people are blogging about pumpkin patches these days, but I just couldn’t resist…

This past weekend the Children’s Department at our church organized an outing at a local farm. Approximately 20 families showed up to “brave the maze”!

A fun time was had by all…

Or at least some great memories were made!

While I have your attention, I have to rave about Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm.  This is the 4th year our family has ventured to Bob’s!  Some years we have been successful to finish the maze and other years we’ve cut through the corn and gone around the outside!!! 

What I LOVE about Bob’s is that it is family owned and operated.  Yep, you will see the same young Abi that is in the brochure, supervising the Cow Train.  Every member takes part in some fashion and if you watch closely, you will see their great camaraderie!  Bob’s offers many fun activities, refreshments, and best of all, they LOVE large families!  Maybe because they are one, or maybe because they are sympathetic to the cost of entertaining a massive group like ours, but their maximum pricing for families (2 adults and ALL of their children) reflects this attitude and is one reason we keep coming back year after year.
Harvest time is a fabulous opportunity for creating some fun, family memories…
Visit a farm, check out the animals, take some great photos with the pumpkins, enjoy a picnic or cider and if you are feeling brave – test your navigation skills in the corn maze!

Thanks for stopping by!  Be refreshed!

(No compensation {beyond muddy boots} was received for this endorsement!)

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