Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Longest Days...Shortest Years!

People hear me say this often. Why? Because I KNOW it is true!  This saying has become reality for me on both ends,

as I rock my precious baby girl at 2AM...

then welcome my other precious 22 year old girl through the door at 9AM.

Being the mother of 9 has taught me many things…one of the biggest being: Slow down, enjoy EACH precious moment! I consider it such a blessing to know this truth while I am still raising little ones.

Those sleepless nights quickly become a distant memory as you watch their first ballet recital, soccer game, choir concert, driving lesson, boxes packed up for college, wedding, arrival of the first grandbaby!

I remember the first time I heard Longest Days…Shortest Years, I thought, “Easy for you to say, you’re not dealing with a fit throwing toddler that you aren’t sure how to discipline while your infant is screaming to eat! You have your hands free to make beds, dinner, projects… Surely your children didn’t behave quite as difficult as mine!”

But now I GET IT! I actually cherish those precious rosy cheeks at 2AM. I can laugh over the tantrums! I want to relish every moment while they are still mine!

{And just so no one thinks things are always peachy at my house…yes, I was up from 1AM-2AM…repeating the phrase, “longest days…shortest years, longest days…shortest years…”}

 Thanks again for stopping by! Be Refreshed!


  1. You amaze me! 9 children and full of grace and joy for others! What a blessing you are sweet sister!

  2. What a wonderful saying! I think that is going to be my new mantra for nightly feedings.