Friday, October 21, 2011

Fast Tip Friday...

One thing that people always say to me is, "You must be so organized!"  Well, not by gifting...but God does give me inspiration...

Here is some inspiration for what would be a mountain of towels:

It's simple: Eight Towels, Eight Bumble Bee Towel Hooks - mounted to one white painted board {created by my hubby} decorates our bathroom wall.  There is also a single Bumble Bee Towel Hook mounted to a matching smaller white plaque hung by the sink for the hand towel.

We actually only have enough bathroom towels for each person in the house.  The two not shown are hung on the back of the door when they are used. {Claire and Hudson are not bathed everyday.}

A place for everything...everything in it's place!

{Here is a sneak peak at something I'm brewing up for next week's give away!}

Thanks for stopping by!  Be Refreshed {and inspired}!

1 comment:

  1. OooOOooh! I wonder what it could be?!?!

    I think everyone should always have their own place for everything! Coats, shoes, towels, backpacks...even if it's only two people in an apartment! Your own place for your own things, keeps it clean and organized, and just a little less stressful. :) (This idea is definitely applied to everything in my house! If only I could figure out what to do about my hubby's socks that end up everywhere...)