Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's A...

Starting a blog is somewhat like starting a family!
First is the conception of the blog.  Once you have decided that you are going to take the plunge into parenthood {Blogdom}, you begin thinking of names, and what your parenting {blogging} philosophies will entail – I mean you want to be sure this baby makes it to college, right?
So, today starts my first post for what will, by God’s grace, be an exciting journey – likely with labor and growing pains along the way!  Drop by for a moment of quick inspiration, encouraging conversation, and a breath of fresh air.
And what celebration would be complete without “presence”?  We have a “no presents” policy when it comes to playmate parties at our house because we want to teach enjoying the presence of the guests who come to celebrate!  Now, before I start a controversial, Mommy Dearest conversation – our children do receive gifts from Mama and Papa and sometimes siblings…but onto the “presence” reference above…
To celebrate my very first blog post, the first 5 people to post a comment will receive a little gift from me!  A package of my favorite tea!

 And since the first 5 comments will probably be from family or close friends, I probably already have your address, but, just to be on the safe side shoot it to me via email anyway!

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon!
{I promise there will be plenty of give aways!}


  1. looks great

    Michael Williams

  2. So so excited you started a blog!!!!! Can't wait to follow all your fun posts that will be full of WISDOM! Love you friend!

    Andrea Dodd

  3. Im looking forward to following your blog!!
    Elizaebth Elsea

  4. Hooray! What a fun journey! Can't wait to see where you'll take your blog. FUN!! :)
    -Megan Harp

  5. You know I'll be reading :)
    -Renae Cowan

  6. So happy for you!! I'll be following along, to see how this journey grows and blesses others.


  7. Where do you get all your energy?:) great website!

  8. Blogging's a great hobby, especially when you let God lead : ) I'm looking for Mom's to comment with their best piece of advice on my blog right now, I'll be using some for the end of my ebook, I invite you to leave a comment, hopefully it might draw some more traffic your way : )