Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother...

Today I am sharing a letter I wrote to my dad a few years ago for Father’s Day. All of us walk through different seasons in our lives, and have to come to a place where we accept our past for better or for worse. Accepting my past for the better was part of a refinement process God walked me through!  For me, this letter came from a place of healing, contentment, and belief in God’s Sovereignty. I meant it then and I mean it now!

H a p p y   B i r t h d a y   D a d! ! !

Dear Dad,
I have been praying that God would show me a way to honor you for Father's Day. In a way that would be more than just a Hallmark card, phone call, or tie that you would never wear. If I were with you today, I would buy your round of golf, take you out to a nice steak dinner and sit on the back porch with you and share conversation as you refresh yourself with some nice cold “little buddies”.

Let me start by saying what you are to me...
You are my dad!  My hero! My warrior! My cheerleader! When I was a little girl I wanted to call you Pa, because it was something different, something more, something special that you mean to me. It never really fit, but my heart was in it!

I have your dark, curly hair. Your brown eyes. Your tenacity. Your determination. Your fight (sometimes that's a good thing)! You showed me how to catch fireflies, ride roller coasters, put salt on my watermelon, eat corn, be wise with my money, make my bed every morning and not care what other people think, but to follow my heart. You taught me to work hard, be tough, to have pride in all I do, and to have integrity. You raised me to believe that in life you might be down, but your never out!

There are two times in life that I remember seeing you cry...
~When life took you back to Ohio, and you had to leave your kids behind.
~When life took me back to Washington, and I had to leave you behind.
There are times when I miss you so much my heart aches and every man I see on the street looks just like my dad - Ken always thinks I'm crazy when I say that!

Some of the things I love about you are...
*Your “furry” arms.  *Your tan legs with sock marks.  *The way you wear loafers with no socks. 
*Your constant venture for a good bargain.  *The way you love to do and see everything in one day.           *Your love for searching for treasures.   *Your presence.    *Your passion for race horses (I hope I turned out to be your best bet)!    *Your work ethic.  *Your intelligence.  *Your GE belly (which you haven't had in a while, by the way).   *Your strong arms.    *Your confident voice.    *Your smile!   *The way you’re tough on the outside, but I know your soft on the inside.    *I could go on forever!!!!!

I know there are times when I haven't always made choices that you understood; I will probably make many more of those choices, but I hope that I will continue to make you proud.

I want you to know today that I am proud of you!  I am proud to be your daughter! I am thankful to have you as my dad ~ I couldn't have asked for anyone better!

Know that I am praying for you every single day! That God would continue to give you good health and happiness (but not too much that you wouldn't seek Him). That you would continue to honor your wife, and have children and grandchildren that make you proud. Mostly I pray that He would reveal Himself to you in special way that you would KNOW that He is your Father that looks down on you and is proud of who you are.  He created you with a purpose and plan for prosperity and hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)

I Love You More Than Words Can Express!

And Happy Anniversary! Now go buy your wife some flowers, she’s worth it!


  1. How long have Papaw and Mamaw been married? Anniversaries are a testimony to the lists of attributes others see in us--the spouses are the ones who sit next to our GE bellies and have to keep up if we want to see the whole state in one day!! They either allow us to continue with our own quirks, or shape new ones we develop! And I think Mamaw has in her own subtle he is somewhat softer around the edges.
    Beautiful portrait! Those attributes you described make a person real!

  2. 28 years...32 years together! Through thick and thin, enjoying each other more and more as each year passes!

  3. Such a beautiful letter and portrait of your dad, it was so touching to read! -Lisa

  4. Amazing tribute to your dad! I think that hand-written letters, from the heart, are THE best gifts anyone can give and yet they are almost non-existant anymore in this technological age. Sad. So I'm challenging anyone who reads this to take a few moments out of your week and write a few words to someone that means something to you. See how a few words can brighten someones least.